Students in the Riding School have the option of paying for the entire month of lessons, depending on how many times per week they ride, OR they may pay individually.

Payment for lesson packages occurs monthly and is required to be paid prior to the 7th of each month. If using monthly packages, students of the Riding School are required to use the entire package within the month. The package does expire by the end of the month and cannot roll over to the next month, so plan accordingly. Late cancellations and no-shows still apply. Due to limited space, missed lessons are not rescheduled.

If you are finishing a Beginners Package towards the middle or end of the month, we suggest that you pay individually for lessons for the remainder of the month OR that you resume taking lessons at the top of the new month.

Evaluation Lesson: $55

One time 30 minute private lesson
Required for all new Riding School Students

New Rider / Beginner Package: $275

Four 30 minute private lessons and one in barn grooming/tacking lesson

Group Lesson Package:

Riding once a week $190
Riding twice a week $330

Individual Semi-private Lesson: $60

Semi-private Lesson Package:

Riding once a week $235

Individual Private Lesson: $80

Private Lesson Package:

Riding once a week $300
Riding twice a week $600