Cancellation Policy

We have a Cancellation/No Show policy that states that you will be charged the full lesson price if you do not show up for a lesson or cancel with less than a twenty-four (24) hour notice. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Makeup Policy

Effective immediately we have a no-makeup policy. We cannot guarantee available spots in the schedule to offer make-up lessons. As a result, we will no longer offer make-up lessons.

Rain/Weather Cancellation
  • Lessons will be held in light rain.
  • Lessons will be canceled for heavy rain, thunderstorms, and/or lightning. Equest Farm personnel will contact you if riding lessons are canceled due to weather.
  • If the lesson is canceled before riding, the money collected will be applied to the next lesson. If a lesson is ended due to bad weather but at least half of the lesson is completed, this is still considered a complete lesson.
  • You will be allowed to make up lessons canceled by Equest Farm however you will need to make up the lesson within that month. Makeup lessons due to weather cancellation will not roll over to the following month. You will need to make up that lesson within a week of the cancellation.

Required Riding Attire

Riders are required to wear riding breeches and paddock boots or tall boots for all lessons.
Riding attire NOT permitted includes:

  • shorts
  • jeans
  • dresses (with and/or without tights)
  • tennis shoes
  • Rubber boots
  • bike helmets

Once the evaluation and the beginner package are completed, you are responsible for purchasing your own paddock boots or tall boots and ASTM/SEI approved helmet that fits properly. Equest Farm personnel are happy to help fit you with the proper attire from Tack in the Park.
We have also instituted a new dress code to follow the guidelines of the hunter jumper discipline. For you and your child’s safety we are implementing strict dress codes for each rider:

Level 3 - Walk trot, not tacking

  • Helmet(asme/fei approved)
  • Breeches (no jeans)
  • Riding shirt or t-shirt, tucked into breeches
  • Paddock or tall boots
  • Hair neatly tied, under helmet

    Level 4 - Walk trot, tacking (in addition to above requirements)

    • Half chaps
    • Gloves
    • Hair net (for girls)
    • Group lessons include a minimum of two riders and a maximum of six. Group lessons of four to six riders are one hour. To prevent rider and horse fatigue, a group with two riders will be 30 minutes and a group of three riders will be forty-five to fifty minutes.
    • Private and semi-private lessons are 30 minutes. This includes walking out to the ring, the tack check before mounting and stirrup adjustments.
    • Due to the nature of our schedule, we CANNOT go over if you are late.
    • We have a grace period of fifteen minutes; if you are not in the ring after that period you will be charged the full amount of the lesson.
    • If you are tacking for yourself, we strongly advise that you arrive thirty to forty-five minutes before your lesson. Once you tack for yourself, tacking is your responsibility.
    • Equest Farm personnel will tack for your lesson if need be but there will be an additional $20 charge to your lesson.
    Horse Assignments

    Our horses’ welfare is our top priority which is reflected in our rider/horse assignment for each lesson. No horse will be used more than twice per day.

    • If a student refuses to ride their assigned horse, the lesson will be considered a late cancel and you will be responsible for the lesson fee.
    • Refunds will not be given because a rider did not have a perfect ride.

    Falls are an inevitable part of riding. After a fall, our trainers will do their best to help riders overcome any fear. This cannot be done by avoiding certain horses. In order to progress in this sport, riders must learn to control difficult and stubborn horses. The measure of a great rider is the ability to ride all horses in our school program.