Policies & Procedures

Cancellation Policy
We are the only riding facility in the Metro area that has the horse assigned, tacked, and ready for every lesson. Because of this, we have a Cancellation/No Show policy that states that you will be charged the full lesson price if you do not show up for a lesson or call to cancel with less than twenty-four (24) hours notice. There are no exceptions to this policy.

As a courtesy, confirmation calls are made a day or two before each lesson. If this call is not made or the message is not received, that is not an excuse to miss a lesson or an exemption from paying for it. Once a rider is scheduled, you have bought that time slot and it is reserved for you and you alone. An instructor has been hired to teach you, and your horse has been specifically assigned to you. When you are permanently assigned to a group, you must pay for that lesson unless a cancellation call is made twenty-four or more hours prior to the lesson, whether or not a confirmation call has been received. It is even more important to cancel a private lesson. Payment for the missed or late-cancelled lesson must be made at the next scheduled lesson. Children dropped off without payment will not be permitted to ride.

Students scheduled to ride every other week are difficult to track, and must be even more conscientious than weekly riders to notify the barn of changes in their schedule or cancellations, again, regardless of receipt of the confirmation call.

Length of Lesson
Group lessons are one hour and private and semi-private lessons are a half hour. This includes walking out to the ring and the tack check after mounting. Lessons are scheduled back-to-back, so we cannot go over if you are late. If you choose not to ride, after arriving late, you will be charged the full lesson fee for a late cancellation. We advise that you arrive at least fifteen minutes before your lesson.

Number of Riders
Group lessons include a minimum of three riders and a maximum of six. If all but two riders have cancelled, the group members who do ride will be charged the group rate of $40.00 but will only ride for thirty minutes. If only three group members ride, the lesson will last forty-five to fifty minutes to prevent rider and horse fatigue.

Horse Assignments
A lot of thought goes into the horse assignments for each lesson. For the welfare of the horse, they are not used more than twice per day. Falls are an inevitable part of riding. After a fall, our Trainers will do their best to help riders overcome any fear. This cannot be done by avoiding certain horses. In order to progress in this sport, riders must learn to control difficult and stubborn horses. If a student refuses to ride their assigned horse, it will be charged as a late cancel, and you will be responsible for the lesson fee. Refunds will not be given because a rider did not have a perfect ride. The measure of a great rider is the ability to ride all horses in the program, not just favorites.

For your safety and comfort, students must wear long pants and close-toed shoes (boots) with a 1/2" to 1" heel for their riding lesson. Students wearing shorts, Crocs, or sandals will not be permitted to ride. Helmets are also required and are provided by Equest Farm. Equestrian apparel, boots, helmets, gloves, and half chaps are available at our on-site retail store, Tack in the Park.

Rain/Weather Cancellation
Lessons will still be held in light rain. Lessons will be cancelled for heavy rain, thunderstorms, and/or lightning. If the lesson is cancelled before riding, the money collected will be applied towards the next lesson. If half or more of the lesson is ridden, then ended due to bad weather, this is considered a complete lesson. A barn lesson will be offered in place of a riding lesson for Lil Bits students. Equest Farm personnel will contact you if riding lessons are cancelled due to weather, and to provide assistance with rescheduling your lesson.

Policies & Procedures Form
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